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Object | STEP 35

with Anna Maria Luczak and Jakob Forster26/08/22, Object library

is an artist living and working in the Netherlands. She graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute. In 2017-2018 she was a resident of the Jan van Eyck Academy. She creates video-installations, sculptures, performances and functional objects. She is one of the founders of WET Film – a Rotterdam-based production and distribution cooperative for film, video and artists’ moving image. Together with Angelica Falkeling she runs Emotional Channel, a lifestyle project about different dimensions of precarity and unequal working relations.

born 1991 in Munich) is an artist, curator and teacher who lives and works between Munich and Rotterdam. In his work Forster deals with the experience of loss as much as the consciously induced oblivion of the same. Forster employs gestures and acts that are at times painterly, at times graphical and sometimes sculptural.