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with Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, Elli Paxinou and Eleni Fountoulaki30/03/23, 30/03/2023 Now Steps

European Erasmus Project | Cross-disciplinary perspectives on art and education for sustainability

Yellow Brick, an independent cultural institution based in Nea Ionia, Attika, has become an international partner of the ‘Shaping Patterns’ (SP), Erasmus+ project. ‘Shaping Patterns’ focuses on the important role of art and culture in education for sustainability. The aim is to develop new approaches, key competencies in education for sustainable development on a social, economic, and environmental level.
The ‘Shaping Patterns’ project is coordinated by Kulturprinsen in Denmark and is developed by Yellow Brick in Athens, Sideviews e.V. in Germany, Villa Zebra in the Netherlands, PLATO in Czech Republic and Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.
The aim of ‘Shaping Patterns’ is to inspire, promote and qualify professionally facilitated collaborations between the two sectors: primary education and art & culture. The mission is to empower children to question and relate to the world of tomorrow through creative, experimental, and innovative approaches, and further develop their findings and achievements into collective ‘art & sustainability interventions’ that involve a public audience.

‘Shaping Patterns’ will be realised in various forms:

Yellow Brick’s team for ‘Shaping Patterns’ consists of professionals in the contemporary performing arts field, who have a unique and personal interest in interdisciplinary practices that focus on the relationship between art education and the current politics of participation.
The team consists of Elli Paxinou (art historian, education curator), Eleni Fountoulaki (PhD researcher in education and architecture), Maria Sideleva (visual artist, Yellow Brick assistant 2023), Daphne Koufopanou Burt (Yellow Brick intern 2023-24), as well as Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki who is a visual artist, educator and the founder of Yellow Brick.
Our team will design and implement multiform workshops for the educational program in collaboration with art institutions, public schools, art professionals and NGOs, whose main focus is to encourage and support the involvement of children and youth in creative ways.

With the support
European Erasmus+ Program


is the founder of Yellow Brick – research a project space/residency devoted to artist's research and playground/testing ground for exhibition making.Her personal work entangles materiality through methodologies of exploring, collecting and archiving, resulting in the creation of sculptural manifestations around the ideas of topos. For Sifostratoudaki, materiality stands as a broader term for framing geography, object, humans, language and gestures and sculpture as a moving organism.

is an art historian, education curator and a member of the International Association of Art Critics in Greece.
Since 2007, Elli has been working in the field of curating, art education and cultural management at several prominent art
foundations, museums, contemporary exhibitions and organizations, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the National Museum of Contemporary Art and others. Since 2010, Elli has been teaching Aesthetics and Art History in cultural spaces and Museums in Athens as well as in private colleges and schools, such as the Metropolitan College, AKTO, International School of Athens and Moraitis School

focuses on the time and place of present day life, creating the framework and protocol for generating collective experiences. Her projects foster a participatory economy of exchange where a common experience occurs within a common framework. As an ongoing examination of how learning is shaped by and into diverse environments she works in primary schools and reimagines the school communities by creating micro - environments within this specific milieu, in which space acquires a quality relative to the subjects and becomes a learning stimulant.