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STEP 13 | Tropicana Beach Hotel

with Eva Giannakopoulou, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki and Maria Nikiforaki01/02/18, 04/01/2018 Steps

summer wine and coconut flavour sun cream
mediterranean sea and floating bodies

maridaki ouzo and free diving
sea smell under the clear night stars

greek islands and rainbows
dancing while falling on pillars…

Join us for a  winter night of summer memories
4th of January, 2018, at 6 pm.
A show with screenings and sculptures

Exotic food and spirits will be provided.

was born in Athens and grew up in Ithaca, Greece. She has lived in Naples, Barcelona and Istanbul and she is currently residing in Athens where she works. Eva has performed and exhibited in museums, institutions, galleries, festivals, impromptu stages and other public or unconventional sites in Greece, Mexico, Germany, France, Turkey and Serbia. Eva is member of TWIXTlab, a space operating in-between, art, anthropology and the everyday.

is the founder of Yellow Brick – research a project space/residency devoted to artist's research and playground/testing ground for exhibition making.Her personal work entangles materiality through methodologies of exploring, collecting and archiving, resulting in the creation of sculptural manifestations around the ideas of topos. For Sifostratoudaki, materiality stands as a broader term for framing geography, object, humans, language and gestures and sculpture as a moving organism.

art practice has been influenced by ethnographic film, essay film and cinema, as an artist she is researching for performative practices introducing emotional worlds as a political stance. Maria lives and works between Athens and London.