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STEP 14 | Handle to door, half-bittersweet

with Raluca Croitoru and Dan Fogarty01/09/18, 01/09/2018 Steps

An ocean liner comes to the port side with an intricate, self-sufficient mix of commerce, national concerns and leisure. Travelling vast distances, temporarily anchoring in fixed places, the liner is a form of transportation that throughout its life span and multiple transformations has delivered many tangible and untenable items and concepts; from fashion to war, weapons to dances, migration to tourism. This show takes the liner as a vehicle and medium for addressing broader socio-economical and political issues of past and present times, which are reflected in the shifting purposes and uses of liners over the years. Liners were introduced as a way of mass transportation (read also communication) of people to and from continents, cities and countries. With the introduction of immigration quotas, they shifted focus to business and leisure done with the upmost of style, routine and luxury and thus began incorporating a cultural and economic system of their own. With the coming of the wars, they were appropriated due to their speed and availability as effective vessels for roles such as mass movement of soldiers and transporting ammunition across the Atlantic.

We see the liner as a floating display of decoration, modern lifestyle, commercial and global concerns, that in its hull holds trade agreements, movement of arms and weapons. A multifaceted idea of transport that is similar to many agreements that cross the globe today. For the exhibition, we would like to anchor the concept of the liner in the present day and in the speculative and experimental realm. We consider how its complex history can come to hold meanings for our works today and how it can become more than a historical backdrop. The show consists of an installation of static works that also act as the set for a performance. The installation, which includes works in various mediums such as sculpture, painting, textiles is activated during the opening performance.


Links to the performance and exhibition by Raluca Croitoru and Dan Fogarty.


Together with three other artists based in Rotterdam, Raluca and Dan run ONONO, a project space that programs screenings, exhibitions, residences, performances and gigs.


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is a Romanian visual artist and performer based between Bucharest and Rotterdam who holds an ongoing interest in systems of exchange, social choreographies and knowledge hierarchies. Her works play with the politics of representation, abstraction and embodiment. Raluca’s most recent works have been performed or displayed at Art Encounters Biennial (RO), 13 Biennial of Media Arts Chile (CL), Playground Performance Festival (BE), FRANK Gallery Malmö (SE), W139 Amsterdam, Tent Rotterdam and Showroom MAMA (NL).

from Derbyshire, is an artist who works across sculpture, jewellery and various print techniques. His practice is preoccupied with local aesthetics and the role of popular forms of expression. Based between Manchester and Rotterdam, Dan is an Associate Artist of Liverpool Biennial. Recent projects include We are where we are, Baltic 39, Newcastle, UK, Cards, Saddle up for Days, ONONO, Rotterdam, NL and SPRINGWATCH: A single work show on new-decorationalism, Liverpool Biennial, UK.