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STEP 27 | yes!yes!yes!no!no!

with Olivia Wiederkehr05/09/20, 05/09/2020 Steps

Dancers: Gitsa Konstantoudaki, Leda Dallas.

Freedom. Freedom needs space. Freedom is part of our human Existence. How to generate such a space of freedom? Are there artistic or aesthetic strategies, to explore these spaces of freedom, to enlarge and solidify them? In social, political and personal ways? The artist Olivia Wiederkehr researches in these fields for actions with performative and social activities while involving the visitors playfully in these existential questions.

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Performance Invitation

Thursday 24 September 2020

What does the multiplication of these words mean in the title for this project, what statement is hidden behind the changed rhythm of speech? A title that thus signals the need for commitment and positional reference. To rethink these conditions in a context of current political and global incidents, in a world which controls more and more our very inner private circles and lives.

As this performance is the second part of a series of works concerning the topic of personal freedom of action, the artist set up for this part a personal statement of freedom, what is going to be celebrated on costumes, which she specially created for this event. Two dancers will wear this statement and unveil it during the performative promenade through the public area of Neo Ionia. Philosophically speaking, the costumes refer to the smallest space, the so-called shell or substrate, which brings together the thoughts of the artist in her work on the subject of freedom of action and puts them together in a very simplified language.

After the unveiling of the statement of freedom on Thursday, the artist Olivia Wiederkehr and Yellow Brick invites you all to a calm picnic in the park area of Nea Filadelfia (follow the link in the map).
Let’s have a time together, to talk, to celebrate friendship and to share knowledge/thoughts/impressions around the topic of freedom of action. In times like these, where lots of things change surprisingly fast, and we are challenged daily to realign ourselves to it, we consider the opportunity to create a (corona-safe) space of coming together as an important value.
The costumes will be also presented there and everybody is welcome to get dressed with them to get portrayed in it.

Bring your own blanket and your own drinks and food. No more than 6 people on one blanket. We keep the rules of corona – stay safe! Come by and relax!

Image & video credits: Myrto Apostolidis

in the performative installation settings deals with historical, functional and social spaces, their conception and effects. She often speaks of ephemeral values that occur within temporal spaces. These spatial sides are not of haptic structure, but are located in the poetic moment of human existence. Her artistic work always moves within the axis of these ephemeral spaces in order to explore them in an aesthetic-haptic investigation.
She first studied stage design, then sculpture at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, as well as free art and media art in Basel (FHNW). Afterwards she completed her Master Fine Arts at the ZHdK in Zurich. She regularly participates in exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.