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focuses on the time and place of present day life, creating the framework and protocol for generating collective experiences. Her projects foster a participatory economy of exchange where a common experience occurs within a common framework. As an ongoing examination of how learning is shaped by and into diverse environments she works in primary schools and reimagines the school communities by creating micro - environments within this specific milieu, in which space acquires a quality relative to the subjects and becomes a learning stimulant.

was born in Athens in 1979 and grew up in Sofades, Karditsa. Ηe is a dancer and a choreographer. He studied at the State School of Dance and at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens.
His works have been presented in Documenta 14, the Athens Biennale, ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna, Serpentine Gallery and elsewhere. He has collaborated with many artists, has worked as a choreographer assistant and has collaborated as a choreographer in theatre and films. In 2013 he was awarded the DanceWeb dance fellowship with the support of the NEON Foundation. He has taught contemporary dance to students of the Fine Arts School with the DAAD program, to postgraduate students at the School of Fine Arts in Zurich and to pupils of the Artistic High School of Thessaloniki. He teaches contemporary dance at Duncan Dance Research Center.

creates sculptures that test the limits and properties of materials. In his works, familiar forms result in odd and uncunny ones, due to material manipulation. His references to architecture, literature, cinema and music incorporate narratives as structural elements of the work itself. He teaches art in primary schools.

is the founder of Yellow Brick – research a project space/residency devoted to artist's research and playground/testing ground for exhibition making.Her personal work entangles materiality through methodologies of exploring, collecting and archiving, resulting in the creation of sculptural manifestations around the ideas of topos. For Sifostratoudaki, materiality stands as a broader term for framing geography, object, humans, language and gestures and sculpture as a moving organism.