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STEP 22 | Matter Mythologies

with Rodrigo Andreolli, Petros Lolis and Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki01/11/19, 01/11/2019 Steps

8 November 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Audio of the Performance

“If you hold a stone, hold it in your hand
If you feel the weight, you’ll never be late
To understand”
(song by Caetano Veloso)

Words, as stones, are the result of very long processes of sedimentation. The fluidity of language becomes material when we think of it through different temporalities. A sentence, observed in a long curve of time, is the synthesis of the transformations of time and displacement, and when looked at from very close, it is a solid rock that has accumulated the weight of established narratives of history, of habits and culture, traumas, memories and dreams. Inverting this arrow, minerals can be seen as the syntagms of a land that hold on their combinations, compositions and dissolutions, the multiplicity of the untold and unseen stories of a place.

Reconnecting to practices in performance and video, the body in displacement, articulates the materiality of words and minerality, reflecting upon language and geology as long-duration-choreographies.

This exhibition is thought as a durational sculpture-performance developed in collaboration with the artists Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki and Petros Lolis, composed by videos, sculptures and a dance.

For the production of these pieces, we allowed ourselves to experiment with a series of different practices, guided by the interest of thinking minerals not only as the material to work ON but as a material to work WITH. This way, stones became collaborators in the choreography of our gestures. As we kept company with each other, the minerals made themselves more and more visible on the structure of our everyday life. Fundamental for the construction of our way of living and dying, for the development of our ideas of progress and technology, the minerals are also populating our imagination and help us build our subjectivity through narratives they incite, carry or announce. A stone, as a piece of a bigger rock, the planet, as a trace of a very distant past or a recent souvenir you keep on your shelf. Minerals as protagonists of a series of myths and as the moving fuel of the global economy, extracted from the ground, triggering historical movements of exploitation, colonization and violence.

Image credits Nuno Cassola and courtesy of the artists.


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is a Brazilian artist who transits through the performing arts, interested in researching the body as an element for sensitive activation of the visible and invisible layers of the public matter. He acts elaborating production structures in multidisciplinary art projects.
Structural artist for the research project Terreyro Coreográfico (2014- São Paulo), with a group of choreographers, architects and urbanists, framing actions on public spaces to study the crossings of choreography, architecture and urban programming. 
He was at Sndo – School Of New Dance Development-(Amsterdam, 2009) for the winter intensive workshops. He was selected for Danceweb Scholarship Program 2015 - Impulstanz Vienna Dance Festival. In 2017, Rodrigo was part of Capacete Residency in Athens, Greece, during the period of Documenta 14, associated with Athens School of Fine Arts.
Andreolli is currently part of the Master in Choreography and Performance at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies, JLU, Gießen, Germany.

is a visual artist, based in Athens Greece. His practice reflects his attempt towards a better understanding of the condition of living, through the movement of time, the relation between habit and intention as a state of being and the study of the material as a means of communicating the immaterial. His work varies between figurative painting, sculptural compositions and video animation. He is currently attending the Athens School of Fine Arts. He has participated in various group exhibitions in Athens, Greece in the past three years.

is the founder of Yellow Brick – research a project space/residency devoted to artist's research and playground/testing ground for exhibition making.Her personal work entangles materiality through methodologies of exploring, collecting and archiving, resulting in the creation of sculptural manifestations around the ideas of topos. For Sifostratoudaki, materiality stands as a broader term for framing geography, object, humans, language and gestures and sculpture as a moving organism.