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STEP 25 | What Twicks can learn from Brigs!

with Bernd Kraub01/10/19, 14/10/2019 Steps

Yellow Brick welcomes Bernd Krauß for a two-week residency, where he with a colleague explore the conjunctions of twigs and bricks. In workshops and collaborations they stroll through the neighbourhood. Yellow Brick serves as a base and display platform where over the period of two weeks an exhibition slowly grows and develops.

The life of Twicks & Brigs can be followed under:

Willy the Whittler will take his wooden colleagues for a walk and come over to Navel. Together they will explore the possibilities of soap as a carving material. Its aromatic softness allows achieving fast results without too much of an expertise. We will create a little soap community, that later can travel over to Yellow Brick and can be become part of What twicks can learn from Brigs!

2019 Anita c/o Ingmar; Performance aan der Laan & Podium OCW; Rotterdam, Fränkische Hochzeit; public sculpture; GfZK Leipzig, Pietbroichprachickenfeeder; Piet Zwart Insitute; Rotterdam, OC, L.A The Car Show: Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung (G), From the island to the world; CIAP Vassivière, France (G), CA – alPPlyJJoaBjD – MPING; Piet Zwart Institute & Kunsthuis SYB, Wuj Karol (z Brasylii); Parking lot Manufactura; Lodz/Poland (fb event)

15 October 6:00 – 8:30 pm, SOAP-ARADE (1) with and at Victoria Square Project
22 October 6:00 – 8:30 pm, SOAP-ARADE (2) with BABEL at Dimotikh agora Kipselis

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STEP 22 | ‘What Twicks can learn from Brigs!’ with Bernd Krauss is developed with and at Yellow Brick and in collaboration with Victoria Square Project and Babel Day Centre.


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is an artist and educator. He observes cultural operations and records their impacts on microscopic and larger levels of reality in the performative organ ‘Der Riecher,’ which appears regularly as a hand-produced newspaper. In his daily practice, Krauß plants material and conceptual seeds that can be harvested in single works, exhibitions, classes, and performances for wider and specific publics.