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STEP 28 | Yellow Brick Variations

with Claire Nichols14/03/21, 14/03/2021 Steps Upcoming

Claire Nichols will use her residency at Yellow Brick to explore the flow between the two and three dimensional aspects of her practice. Developing her ongoing body of work, Variations, she will research and experiment further with the role of fabric in her practice, looking at textiles as a site for integrating her drawings and photographic ‘index’ materials from past compositions and performances. Investigating the folds and movement of fabric as a sculptural body, the artist is interested in how prints and drawings on textile have the capacity to be concealed and revealed over time and in relation to performative or environmental shifts. She plans to engage with the local textile history of Nea Ionia and will develop work in relation to the existing architecture of Yellow Brick, creating indoor and outdoor sculptural realms and spaces, where fabric prints can respond to the environment, in relation to wind and light and other contingent factors. These sculptural stages will become natural opportunities for ‘live’ interaction, with the potential to spark new conversations and collaborations.

This STEP has been postponed; revised dates are TBC.

since 2017 has been working on an ongoing body of work entitled Variations, through which she brings found and fabricated materials together in a continuous process of making and remaking. She creates sculptural eco-systems which negotiate the codes and rhythms of chosen sites. These 'living' spaces generate new performative and inter-disciplinary encounters with the fields of sound, movement and architecture. Claire Nichols is a British and French artist based in London. She completed her MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London, and her BFA at the Ruskin, University of Oxford. Performances and exhibitions include Florence Trust, London; arebyte gallery, London; David Roberts Art Foundation, London; Centre Cultural la Mercè, Girona; Despina, Rio de Janeiro; Space 118, Mumbai; and E.KA.TE, Nicosia. Nichols was selected by Florence Peake and Tai Shani for the main prize at the Barbican Arts Group Trust, London, in 2018. She is a Lecturer in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.