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with Eleni Pavlopoulou17/06/24, 20/09/2024 Steps Upcoming

I have always taken note of the relationship human’s grow and withdraw from objects and spaces. I have explored the connection to my family home through performance, printing and drawing. With my familial ties to Greece it is a parallel narrative of a place I connect to via family, land and objects. Personally, I want to explore my response and relationship with my heritage, addressing feelings of displacement in both a physical and emotional sense. The parallel narrative of my father finding his roots in a foreign country and me trying to discover my own in his. I also look to discuss diaspora in a wider context through the reality and relevance of people’s histories across borders in today’s societies. What ultimately makes up an individual’s sense of belonging?

graduated in Fine Art printmaking and is now based in London. Her artistic practice explores emotional connections to objects and spaces, particularly the family home. Using varied Print forms, collage and drawing to weave themes of identity, displacement, and multiculturalism into her art.