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STEP 38 | Let Them Eat Plastic?

with Maria Sideleva24/04/23, 27/04/2023 Steps

The exhibition “Let Them Eat Plastic?” explores the relationship between dystopia and food, highlighting the ways in which food issues can contribute to a society’s downfall. It also examines the potential solutions to these problems, such as promot- ing sustainable agriculture, reducing food waste, and advocating for food justice.

What is a precious material?
Who chooses what a precious material is?
Is food a precious material (past/ present/ future)?
What are the environmental impacts of food/ current precious materials?
What does status mean within a society?
Who determines this status?
Does the achievement of this status have an environmental impact?
What do people do to achieve status within their society and can it ever be avoided? What does a utopian/dystopian future look like?

I welcome you to contemplate on whether our society is headed into utopia or dystopia. I offer you my view that food is a pre- cious material and in the future will be celebrated by being worn and admired, as a symbol of status.

Photo credit: Lisa Riccardi

pulls inspiration from her own life and the lives of those around her. She aims to empower women through contemporary feminist issues such as body positivity as she places heavy emphasis on her material and subject choices, consistently treating them with intention and care. Maria also explores the ideas of what the humanities future will look like, whether the world will become a utopia or dystopia. To explore these topics, she draws inspiration from “ordinary” food, precious materials and environmental issues. By using a sense of humour and playfulness in her work, she wants the viewer to reflect and perhaps reveal the deeper truth within, and therefore the truth in the society the viewer exists in.