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STEP 40 | [ · — ; ]

with Sarah Rinderer and Ifigeneia Ilia-Georgiadou05/04/23, 15/09/2023 Steps

Punctuation marks were originally introduced in antiquity as pauses for public speakers/readers. For the OPEN DOORS titled  [ · — ; ] Sarah Rinderer takes these marks – that allow time for breath and different interactions – as starting points to open a dialogue with Athens, the Greek language and alphabet, always with the same attention to blanks and intermediate characters, to the seemingly small, as well as to letters.

Rinderer offers us the question about what is an artist-writer’s task when faced with a blank space. For her, a blank space is never empty, but it is filled with pre-existing, invisible words and punctuation marks, written in some other past (or future) time. A writer is an archaeologist of language – or a futurist of language, depending on one’s particular point of view.

For [ · — ; ] Rinderer will work in dialogue with the punctuation marks of the antiquity, as for her they are living, breathing entities that persistently call upon her name. Rinderer will interact in this dialogue with Ifigeneia Ilia-Georgiadou as a guest artist in an exploration of and an exchange on the spaces in between languages.

studied Fine Arts and Cultural Studies at the Art University Linz and is now based in Vienna. Her artistic-literary practice focuses on dealing with language itself, its pauses, blanks and in-between-spaces. She exhibits, reads and publishes prose, poetry, artists’ books, (typo)graphic and concept-based works.

(she/her), based in Athens, earned her BA degree in 2015 from the School of Fine Arts and Art Sciences in Ioannina. In 2023, she obtained her MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Her artistic practice revolves around communication, language, storytelling, and how the aforementioned transforms under the state of migration. Her work has been featured in various group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.