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STEP 44 | Grow rapidly, attain great height

with Kalinda Vary23/05/23, Calendar Steps Upcoming

Grow rapidly, attain great height is an investigative, generative project examining colonisation of Australia from afar. The Eucalyptus will be the central figure of this process, a metaphor for colonisation. I will consider the eucalyptus contribution to Athens city. I will deconstruct the eucalypt materially to offer alternate perspectives, while mapping their placement and genus types around the city. This work will draw from performance, transgression and collaboration an extension of recent exhibition Welcome Fire (Bush retreat) 2023.

is a multi-disciplinary artist from Melbourne, Australia. Kalinda’s practice draws from collaboration, performance and notions of transgressions creating imperfect artworks that teeter on the brink of anti-aesthetic. Kalinda has exhibited locally and internationally, assisted running TCB gallery and member of performance group TBP.