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with Ienke Kastelein01/01/24, 01/04/2024 Calendar Steps Upcoming

FOOTSTEPS, SCARS, TRACES is a dialogue with place – body mind and memory, collecting and sharing things, and experiences. By walking around the city, the neighbourhood and the project-space of Yellow Brick, absorbing everything like a sponge and then filtering like a sieve – collecting objects, images, words, sounds – the body keeps the score – I come up with a site-specific blueprint for scored walks and/or performances and a “scene” -, a tapestry of objects as an archive. Transformation is the vehicle, with a bag or bundle as its vessel.

Ienke Kastelein is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in visual arts based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In her (site-specific) projects, performances and walks she explores sensorial ways to engage with the world and her audience. Her projects were presented in Athens, Strasbourg, Portugal, London New York, Apeldoorn, Utrecht and Dordrecht. New Habits, Casco, Walking with Chairs, AiOP New York, Unmaking the Netherlands with Expodium, Plant(e)scape Made of Walking Cyprus, Making Futures by Raumlabor in Berlin, Mind your Step, Zone2Source, Amsterdam.