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STEP 47 | Low-Budget Projects

with Gizem Üstüner29/01/24, 15/02/2024 Steps Upcoming

How do we, art and cultural practitioners, navigate our practices while working within and against financial limitations?

How does thinking from a position of precarity shape our perspectives, our strategies, and our relationship with others?

Embarking from these questions Low-Budget Projects explores the alternative survival economies that are established by art workers to sustain their practice day by day while examining the dominant capital flows and non-artistic roles shaping cultural production processes. The project aims to uncover the vulnerable narratives underlying art practices on individual, collective, or institutional levels and challenge the isolating effects of precarious labor in the art and cultural field by stimulating solidarity in various forms.


Kindly supported by Mondriaan Fonds.

Gizem is a visual artist unfolding the everyday survival tactics and resistances with her work, particularly focusing on precarity, migration, and feminist strategies. Developing tools to confront her personal challenges, she uncovers their broader social and political meanings, exposing the hidden power structures shaping our lives.