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STEP 45 | Assembled Patterns

with 23/05/23, 18/06/2023 Calendar Steps Upcoming

The project ‘Assembled Patterns’ (working title) is an anthropological research that will examine the impact of public space and socio-cultural behavior in Athens. This residency will be the first collaboration between the two artists in which they will explore the different ways their practices function together. Springing from a shared fascination for urban environments and alternative forms of note-taking e.g. field recording, cognitive mapping and associative writing, the project will research the documentation of sound and language.

(1991°, Ghent) is a Brussel based artist. Starting from a tactility of textures and materials, her work explores the different functions of an object. Based on sculptures, furniture and found objects, Vanoverbeke puts a strong focus on the design, the purpose and usability of objects in our close environment.