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STEP 45B | Assembled Patterns II

with Evelyn Vanoverbeke and Aaron Daem03/06/24, 23/12/2024 Steps Upcoming

Yellow Brick welcomes two Belgian artists, Aaron Daem & Evelyn Vanoverbeke, for a second residency. With a common interest in the city, the public space and an anthropological research view of its citizens-users, this artistic duo returns to Athens to continue the research for Assembled Patterns in Athens that began last year. Springing from a shared fascination for urban environments and alternative forms of note-taking e.g. field recording, cognitive mapping and associative writing, the project researches the documentation of sound and language.

is a Brussel based artist. Starting from a tactility of textures and materials, her work explores the different functions of an object. Based on sculptures, furniture and found objects, Vanoverbeke puts a strong focus on the design, the purpose and usability of objects in our close environment.

is a Brussel based artist. His work explores the collision of concept and perception, evoking ideas of embodiment. In doing so, he address the issue of observation, documentation and understandings. His practice explores the fields of sculpture, language and anthropology.