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STEP 49 | In Motherhood

with Natalia Escudero17/06/24, 20/11/2024 Steps Upcoming

The project In Motherhood explores the intersection between motherhood and artistic creation, examining how the act of caregiving relates to healing, rest, and the complex dynamics of work and exhaustion in the role of the mother-artist. It arises from the urgency to redefine maternity as a valuable site for artistic practice, rather than a hindrance. In this regard, during my residency, I will adopt the concept of “residency in motherhood” inspired by Lenka Clayton’s project at



  1. On balance, 2024
  2. Ajedrez de lo cielo (Celestial chess), 2022. Photo credits: Ana Escario @el__estudio
  3. Reconstructed curtain, 2021
  4. I ó I, 2019

is a visual artist educated in Madrid and Kassel. Recognized by the Spanish Youth Institute, the Joan Miró Foundation, the Atlantic Center for Modern Art (CAAM), among others, her work currently focuses on integrating her experience of motherhood into her artistic practice.