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STEP 46 | The Passage of Decay

with Zichen Yin29/01/24, 01/09/2024 Steps Upcoming

‘The Passage of Decay’ is an experimental theatre and installation project that examines the dynamic reality between tourism and immigration. Part docu-fiction, part materiality, part immersive sound experience, the work unfolds through intertwined narratives where the harbour serves as a middle ground: as a geographical location, as a cultural symbol, as a pattern of production and labour. In contrast with the rapid material flow, the hybridity of identity and representation stands as a constant feature.

Zichen Yin is an artist, researcher and curator, currently based in Oxford, UK. Working across moving image, installation, sculpture and writing, Zichen’s practice interrogates geopolitics and cultural representation. Her works often present a juxtaposition of real and fictional archives, by reading against narration about history and specific topics through ‘critical fabulation’ to establish interconnections between marginalised subjects, retrieving their absent stories.